Sunday, 19 November 2006


Isn't it nice if you can reap the fruits of your labour?

Today, for the first time ever I did marinated beef.
"Rheinischer Sauerbraten".
The classic recipie is with horse-beef but I prefer cow.
I marinated it two weeks ago and didn't know what it will taste like.
But Mr. C asked me if I like to prepare it for today, so I did it. I'm always in for improving my "Housewife-ness", so I tried.
I took red wine, red-wine-vinegar, a lot of spices, onions, some other vegetables and 2 kg of beef. Put all together in a big Tupperware-Box and waited for today.

And what should I say?
Allthough it was a lot work it all was worth it when you see the BIG smile on your sweetie's face while eating.
I'm so happy and proud of myself!

Another step on the way to "Housewife of the year"... =)

Good night folks,

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Huei said...

Wow you have such a pretty blog!! Love the color and layout and everything! :)

So sweet!