Tuesday, 21 November 2006

It's Tuesday...

And because the "TuesdayTwosome" today deals with Thanksgiving - which we (unhappily) don't celebrate in Germany (but I'd really like to!!!) I chose an older TuesdayTwosome Meme. So here it is:

"Choose and explain"

1. Shower or Bath
Bath. Definitely. I love lying in tub, listening to an audio book or some good music, reading a good book, candle-light. The perfect way to relax!
But in Summer I mostly prefer shower. If it's hot outside I can't stand it lying in hot water for long time.
On Winter-Evenings there's nothing better! I just wish my tub would be a bigsize-one!!!

2. Comedy or Drama
There are a lot Dramas I like. But I think I prefer Comedy. Yes, Comedy. But that depends on my mood...

3. Coffee or Tea
Tea. Sometimes I drink coffee. But I’m very sensitive to caffeine, so I prefer drinking tea. But this "tea-drinking-thing" is part of my heritage coz my mummy was born and raised at the north-sea and there they drink tea with milk a lot!
And I also like a hot tea on cold winter days!

4. Fiction or non-fiction
Can't really say but I think I prefer fiction.

5. Television or Movies
I love movies, but haven't a lot time to go to the cinema. So, I guess I’ll have to choose TV. The problem with movies on telly are these annoying commercial breaks! So I prefer watching a DVD or Video (yes, I still have some). And I love watching Television-Shows like House M.D., CSI, Monk and stuff like this. Oh and not to forget SIMPSONS!
After a long day at college we rarely have energy to follow difficult movies...

Okay, that's all for now. I don't tag anyone special but I would be very happy if someone answers this questions too ;-)
Please leave a comment then.



Bond said...

Sonny (who is a girl not a boy named John!)..sorry just trying to catch up on places I have not been able to get to, so:
Love a bath..no time so SHOWER
Neither, unless it is espresso after a meal with a sambuca
Television - no time to go to the movies

Have a great day!

Dr. A said...

Thanks for placing yourself on my Frappr map. I really appreciate it!