Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Unconscious Mutterings

Okay, today's my first time doing UM. It's a quite difficult this time. But I'll do it. Have fun.

  1. Rhyme :: Humpty Dumpty

  2. Substantial :: essential

  3. Instant :: Coffee

  4. Greed :: Movie ("Greed", 1924)

  5. Brad :: Pit

  6. Season :: 's Greetings

  7. Accomplished :: never fully

  8. Invite :: friends

  9. Sparkle :: wine

  10. Rainbow :: colours
So far this time. Please leave a comment!!!
See you next week,


Bond said...

Interesting one... You know I tagged you last week for a Meme abou the number 3 and you never responded to it... Hmmmmmmm

Sweet Kitty said...

@Bond: I'm so sorry, but you didn't tag me about the number 3! You tagged Angell, Travis & Julie! But if you want to I'll answer that meme aswell. I'll do it later this week...
Hugs, Sonny