Monday, 18 December 2006

***Unconscious Muttering***

Welcome to Unconscious Mutterings...

  1. Hardball :: Softball

  2. Sleepless :: in Seattle

  3. Graduation :: Party

  4. Presents :: Birthday

  5. Toe :: Mistle

  6. Lotion :: Body

  7. Snicker :: Doodles

  8. Eve :: Christmas

  9. Investment :: Fund

  10. Pain :: Reliefs

Okay, that's all for now. I'll have a lot things to do this week. I have to tinker the rest of the birthday (for my step-mom and my dad) and christmas presents, do shopping for Mr.C and my birthdays and Christmas, preparing our birthdays and, and, and.
So please, don't be bothered if I won't post a lot.
I didn't forget you, anyway.



mar said...

I was surprised to see
presents: birthday
I thought: doesn't she know it is Xmas??? :)
but now I know it's also bday time for you!
Yes, this is a busy, busy time...enjoy the season!

Bond said...

I have been remiss in visiting.. I hope you accept my apology...

Have a most marvelous holiday