Monday, 29 January 2007

Motivation Monday

As you all can see in my sticky post, I've lost again two pounds! I'm so so SO happy about this!!! I couldn't believe it when I was on the scale today and it showed 94,8 kg (209 lb)!!!!
Yeah baby yeah!!!
I'm so proud of myself! I really kept (and still do) on my Points Plan for now 3 weeks!!! And allthough I sometimes really had to fight my weaker self I did my exercises very well. Technically the picture above should not just show this "get your legs knotted" move but also some other moves. Well it doesn't work for some reason.
However, as I promised in my post about my proposal I post some pictures showing me doing some exercise. Mr. C took them last week. I know they're not my best ones and everything else but advantageous, but I don't mind. I'm doing my exercises because I want to get skinny again! And until I reach this, I have to take unlikeable pictures. When Duchess and I start the Motivation Monday meme I will post a picture taken in 2000 during my holidays. It shows ME in BIKINI!!! So, wait for it. But until then, I hope you're satisfied with the current pictures. Here they are:

Sit ups - not really my favourite exercise. But it works. I had really bad sore muscles the next day. I could hardly laugh!!!

I wasn't really happy bout this shot. Don't I look fat on it? AWFUL!!!

Mr.C comments this picture with "WUFF".(The sound a dog does when barking - how you call that in english??) Really nice guy, isn't he? ;)

Okay, that were the first pictures. Some others will follow soon. To finish today's post I show you my weighing chart. I took it from my Weight Watchers program.

Date --> Current weight --> Weight Loss

08/01 --> 98,5 kg (217,16 lb) --> START

15/01 --> 96,7 kg (213,19 lb) --> 1,8 kg (3,97 lb)

22/01 --> 96,0 kg (211,64 lb) --> 0,7 kg (1,54 lb)

29/01 --> 94,8 kg (209,00 lb) --> 1,2 kg (2,65 lb)

I think I can be proud of this, can't I? And I owe a lot of this weight loss to you!!! You supported me very much with your warm words, motivation and weight loss tips and of course: YOUR COMMENTS!!!! So please, keep on commenting and keep me moving!!!

That's all for today, thanks for stopping by,


Bond said...

keep it up Sonny... You are working hard and it will pay off

scribbit said...

Love the little eagle-doing avatar. I didn't know they came in Yoga flavors. :)

Travis said...

Congratulations on your progress!!!