Thursday, 8 March 2007

Let's party!!!

Okay, I know I'm quite late for the party. But hey! I was busy ;)
So let's see this one as a kind of "final party".

Please sit down, take a drink. What you want? Diet-Icetea, Diet-Coke, Water, Alcohol free Fruit cocktail or the classic one: Beer?
I hope I prepared enough Potatoes with cream dip! Eat yourself full! And if you don't like warm meal try my low fat potatoe-crisps.

So, turn on the music, move your feet and have fun!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Sweet like Kitty proudly presents:
For the first time in "Sonny's Pink Lounge":

And for them who liked the food, here are the recipes:

Potatoes with self-made cream:
20 tablespoons 0,1% fat yoghurt, herbs (whatever you like), mineral water. Mix and enjoy! YUMMY!!
Low fat Potatoe-crisps:
Cut Potatoes into very very thin slices. Put them on a baking tray, flavour with your favourite spices and sprinkle all with a little extra virgin olive oil. Bake them until crispy.

Okay, folks. I hope you enjoyed your time in the Pink Lounge. Feel free to come back at any time. I'm always happy to meet new people! And don't forget get: your comments keep me exercising (one comment = one minute exercise)...
Hugs from Germany to all of you,


Jen said...

Hey good on you
I would love a alcohol free Fruit cocktail. I dont drink beer yuk
and yum potatoes with cream dip. I love potatoes.
"oh yeah lets have a party" He always makes me dance :)
I love your blog Sonny

Lizzy B. Ventanawho said...


Welcome to the party. I'm also trying to get into shape to chase my 3 lil' kiddos around!!

Stop by!

Mel said...

Hi Sonny. Welcome to the party!!
Your blog is so cute. I am a Hello Kitty fan as well.

Good luck on the weight loss goal -- I know how that feels : )

Monkey Giggles said...

Swinging in for the party. Welcome. I am glad you could make it...

I am having another party favor give away over at monkey giggles. Come on over when ya get a chance.


Steve, Dana and Maria said...

Just dropping by for the party from Romania!

Bond said...

elvis.. yup yup yup...good ole memphis boy