Thursday, 3 May 2007

Back again....

I haven't been posting for a while. Well, there where some who missed me and let me know they care about me (Thank you so much Coco and Simone - you are really friends to me).
I haven't posted coz I was - well I don't really know. I think the best word to describe is "unbalanced". For no reason.
It's just that I'm exhausted.
I knew that a vocational retraining won't be easy to do. But I didn't expect that. Our college is crap. They don't choose their lecturers very well. Sometimes you really sit there in class and really wonder what that guy is talking about. At the moment we have accounting-lesson. And that damn lecturer only has two -TWO- exercises for each topic! Unbelievable isn't it? He doesn't really bother if everyone (and we're only 8 students at class) got it. He just goes on. We're all quite unhappy. It's not only in this lesson. It's nearly in every lesson. And that's quite frustrating. Especially if we have a lesson that I already know - like ECDL (EuropeanComputerDrivingLicense). In that lesson I sat there 8 hours a day doing nothing...

I got unbalanced again. My depression just came back.

I don't really know why.
Actually everything else is going fine. Mr.C and I are happy together. My financial problems are going to be solved. And allthough retraining is hard I get very good grades.

It's all about my mental situation. And for that I want to be balanced again, I decided to go back to my doc and talk to her bout that. So since today I'm back on medication. On "Citalopram" to be exact.
So we'll see if that helps.
Keep your fingers crossed.

With love,

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