Sunday, 5 November 2006


Long time ago I got tagged by Sanni.
Lost of questions need to be answered, I'll do it time by time..
But, good things take time...
So here are my first answers....


5 things:in my fridge
1. Orange-Pineapple-Squash

2. Cremefine in all variation
3. Milk, 1,5% fat

4. Bit Passion
5. HP Barbecue Sauce (classic recipie)

5 things: in my closet
1. lots of beloved shirts and skirts. but most of them don't fit me anymore...

2. my summer-jacket coz I already wear my winter coat *freezing*
3. lots of lonesome socks (their partners all dissapeared in the washing machine..)
4. my cuddly winter pyjama - I'll get it out tonight...
5. tote bags in many different colours and sizes

5 things: in my tote bag
1. Purse
2. mobile phone
3. little beauty case including: concealer, mascara, lip-gloss
4. little "first aid" box including all necessary: Pain-reliever, scrunchy,
antihistamine, antacide, chewing gum, sinupret, throatpills, plaster, tissue, little-"giveaway"-perfum, mini nail file,
5. pen and paper

5 things: in my (our) car

1. picnic-plaid
2. cds
3. bags
4. trash
5. even more trash

5 things: on my TiVo
(assuming I have a TiVo)
1. Simpsons

2. House, M.D.
3. Monk
4. CSI (Miami)
5. Cold Case

That's all folks...
Good night,

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