Sunday, 3 December 2006

-->tiggetitag - part one<--

A few days ago I was tagged by Bond. Because I was tagged twice, I do the one bout "3" now, and the other "my top ten simple pleasures" I'll do later this day. So please come back later again!!!

"three - trois - üc - tri - tlieta - kyla - drie - tre - kolm - tiga - trys - drei"

  • 3 Things that scare me:
Loosing beloved ones (especially Mr. C or my Daddy)

  • 3 People who make me laugh:
Mr. C, Mario Barth, Michael Mittermeier (both german comedian)

  • 3 Things I love:
It's really hard to leave it at 3!
I choose the one that I love most at the moments Candles, Flowers, Christmas Songs

  • 3 Things I hate:
Racism, Superficiality, War

  • 3 Things I don't understand:
War, Children abuse, abuse in any way

  • 3 Things on my desk:
A picture of Mr. C, a wooden cross I got from my daddy with a religious saying, lots of pens

  • 3 Things I'm doing right now:
watching Telly (I LOVE our new notebook!!!), cuddling with Benny (dog),
and of course answering this meme.

  • 3 Things I want to do before I die:
start a family with Mr. C (and get married to him), visit USA, make a cruise round the world.

  • 3 Things I can do:
play accordion, make people smile, cook

  • 3 Things I can't do:
speak russian (but I resolved to learn), resist chocolate, fight my weaker self (but still try!!!) and much more!!!

  • 3 Things I think you should listen to:
Your heart, your feelings, sometimes your instinct

  • 3 Things you should never listen to:
Politicians, people who don't know what they're talking about, racists

  • 3 Things I'd like to learn:
Russian, how to better control my emotions, much much more!!!!

  • 3 Favorite foods:
escalope, potatoes, junk food (my inner weaker self, again!)

  • 3 Beverages I drink regularly:
Coke light lemon, wine, tea

  • 3 Shows I watched as a kid:
Sesamstraße (sesame street), Sandmännchen (sandman), Wickie

Now I should tag three people, mmh, let's think...
Okay, I tag Missy, Susan Helene Gottfried and of course Sanni when she's online again. Hope that'll be very soon, miss her much.

That's all for now.
See you later,


Bond said...

thanks for the info Sonny...

interesting list for sure

Sanni said...

{´abe auch fertisch}
Hast Du nicht die Muppets geschaut?
Die lieb ich ja heute noch...
besonders meine beiden Opis =)