Sunday, 10 December 2006

***Unconscious Muttering***

Welcome to my first Unconscious Mutterings...

  1. Research :: very important!!!!

  2. Chuck :: Norris

  3. Insert :: Coin

  4. Bang :: Boom Bang (German Movie)

  5. Lousy :: Service

  6. Rehearsal :: again, again and again

  7. Critics :: hard to take but very important

  8. Memory :: is the only paradise we can't get evicted from

  9. Squid :: iiiek

  10. Remove :: Replace

That's all for today. I'm now going to bake some christmas-cookies because today it's the Second Advent. Just two more weeks and it's Christmas-Eve.
By the way? Have you visited my Christmas-Blog yet?
If not, and you like to, click -->here<--!
Have a nice Sunday-afternoon,


abe-hap said...

hi Sonny weve been busy baking choc chip cookies yesterday ;) thanks for visiting our blog, and Im stealing your cookie quiz to use on our site ok - have a great sunday :)

Coco said...

Unconscious mutterings = word association game? Interesting