Thursday, 4 January 2007

Overweight? Let's get rid of it!

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Okay, folks new year is there. I think we all made some resolutions. And we all know we won’t keep all of them. My biggest resolution for 2007 is to get rid of my overweight.

That’s easy to say, but not easy done.
We all know our weaker self often controls our mind, our body, yes our whole life. And don’t we always have excuses why we can’t start loosing weight? Excuses why we can’t do some exercises. And so on...
But that’s over. I really WANT to loose weight. And I need to.

So I hopped round the world wide web and looked for some pages where I find tips for diet. And I found a page. It’s NoExcusesGym.

It's Marcella's blog. She is a Personal Trainer and Aerobic Instrutctor and her site is really interesting.
So if any of you out there is interesting in loosing weight too, you should definitely visit her page.
I found good things on her pages for example how I can meet my weight resolutions.
You also get daily tips for your diet or weight training
(that's where I found this weight resolutions thing) . All these tips are really good and I can use them for my weight loosing program.

So if you want to get fit and skinny again there're NO EXCUSES! Start right now!
Fitness is good for everyone!!!!

Don't give up before you even started!!!
Visit Marcela’s
NoExcusesGym. It's easy.

"Even the longest way starts with the first step"

What you're waiting for? It's not even a "step" this time. It's just a "click"...

I've already started.
And you should too...

Thanks for stopping by tonight,

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Duchess said...

Good luck! I know with all the water that I drink, about 6-8 bottles a day, that I should be floating by now. Have not had a soda in years.

I know I need to stop eating just to eat, just because I am bored, stressed, etc. I am checking out the link you included. Thanks!

Maybe together, we can all lose this year.