Thursday, 4 January 2007


First of all: Happy New Year to all of you!!!

After curing our New Year’s Hangover, I’m back again. So I start the New Year with Thursday Thirteen. A short one this time, but I don’t have much time today. Hope you don’t mind.

Here we go:

Thirteen Presents you find under Chris’ and mine Christmas tree
(not only Christmas-Presents, it was our Birthday aswell...)

  1. Our new HP – Notebook

We bought it for us as Christmas-Birthday-Present and I’m so HaPpy bout that!!!! =)

  1. a new Pullover for both of us

Chris’ Mommy must have thought we’re freezing. Well in my case, that’s true… *wink*

  1. The Simpsons - Season 8

A little angel called Sanni brought this on Chris’ Birthday… =)

  1. Electric kettle

That really was on our wish-list coz our old one didn’t work properly anymore!

  1. Ice-cream maker

That was an unexpected gift from Chris’ Mom for my birthday but the ice-cream is delicious!!!

  1. 2 big bottles white wine (one and a half litre each!)

To be honest, there’s only one bottle left… =)

  1. Leopold Tea Tube

Okay, that’s a thing definitely just for me, Chris does not drink tea!

  1. Tupperware “Skyline”-Boxes

Well, Chris doesn’t think we need Tupperware at all. But I wanted them for coffee, tea and sugar. And they suit our kitchen very well…

  1. Beautiful picture of our niece

She really looks sooooo cute on it!!!

  1. a noble bottle-opener

The beer immediately tastes better opened with this… =)

  1. Jil Sander “Sun”

It was on my wish-list. And on Chris’ as well coz he loves me being sweet with it! And again the little angel called Sanni fulfilled this wish….

  1. England-Calendar

I don’t have it yet, Amazon was tooo late…

  1. Little things that held money (bottles, a little Frosty-Snowman, Cards,…)

So our little piggy bank got fed again… (we robbed it for the Notebook…)

I hope you all found nice things under the tree...
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Terri said...

Sounds like Santa was good to you. That ice cream machine sounds like fun and bet the wine was enjoyable.
Happy TT to you...mine is up.

Tink said...

Happy New Year to you too! You have been spoiled with wonderful things. :-)
My Tt is about the year 2007.

Skittles said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas & birthday! Happy New year & Happy TT :) Thanks for dropping by!

Caylynn said...

Great gifts! Lots of wonderful presents for Christmas and your birthday. :)

Ich wünsche Ihnen einen schönen Tag!

Julie in Texas said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas/birthday. I love my HP notebook, didn't know if I would at first...but now I don't know how I lived without it!

What is a leopold tea tube? As a tea drinker I am intrigued.

Thanks for stopping by my TT!

Raggedy said...

Happy New Year!
What wonderful gifts.
I could not even do a
I got one present and it was a spatula!
Your presents were awesome!
*grabs a bowl of that ice cream on my way out...
Have a wonderful Thursday!
My TT is posted

Harley said...

Lucky people :) I got a toaster for Christmas and a book.. that was it :) I was obviously a bad girl last year. Will try harder this year.

Christine said...

Happy New Year!! I'd love to have my own ice cream maker. I thnk I'll avoid getting one though as it would be in direct conflict with my lose weight resolution. :)

Thanks for stopping by my site!

el-e-e said...

What a nice Christmas! ICE CREAM machine! :)

Happy new year to you!

Robinson Family said...

Mmmm Ice cream. Crazy as its sounds, ice cream always sounds better to me when its cold outside! Happy New Year from Texas!

Matt-Man said...

Happy New Year. I got a couple of cans of SPAM and some Bah Humbug Ale so all in all it was quite holiday. Cheers

Gabrielle said...

awww... you got lotsa gifts! :) thanks for stopping by, sonny.

pawpads said...

Happy TT. Thanks for dropping by. Loving your list. Sounds like you had a great Chrimbo.

Mom's Secret Life said...

Awesome! Happy new year and happy birthday! What is a tea tube?

Wylie Kinson said...

I have ALWAYS wanted an ice-cream maker. Do they really work?? Is it hard (cause going to the drive-thru at Dairy Queen is just too easy, you know?)
Thanks for visiting my TT!

Chickadee said...

A computer notebook is a wondeful thing to have. We took ours on vacation last year. LOL.

My 13 is up.

The Little Woman said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

I want an ice cream maker!

The Little Woman said...

Oh yeah, and congrats on the lap top. I have a Gateway that I got from The Cop Magnet last year for Valentine's Day and I looove that thing.

Mom's Secret Life said...

Interesting! Who would have thought it possible? Thanks for the link.

Bond said...

Happy TT Kitty
Cool list of things... woooo

Missy said...

Sounds like your birthdays and Christmas was good to both of you.

Chris said...

Sweet presents.

Can I come to your Christmas next year ;-)

Cindy said...

My husband gave me only one present for Christmas, but it was a doozy...a digital camera! I'm thrilled. I foresee that I will now be posting more pics to my blog.

Glad you had a nice Christmas. Thanks for visiting my TT!

Laura said...

very nice things. i like the bottle opener and i bet the beer did taste better! lol
thanks for visiting my tt this week.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Happy TT, Sonny! Glad the hangover's gone... was that first bottle of wine responsible? *grin*

Sounds like Christmas was good to you. So was Sanni! What a neat friend!

Happy TT!

Sunflower said...

Great list! Thanks for shareing!

Thanks for stopping by my Sunflower blog and supporting me!
Welcome back anytime.

I will Exercise for Comments!

Goofy Girl said...

What a great batch of presents!! :) I think my favorite would be the ice cream maker... YUM!!!

Duchess said...

Happy New Years to you also. Sounds like you had a great holiday. Thanks for visiting my TT

Thomma Lyn said...

Happy New Year! Sounds like you got lots of neat stuff. And you're gonna love that notebook computer, I'm sure!

Happy TT!

Mike said...

What a neat Christmas list. You had a very good time. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

P.S. I don't know about adopting you, I think I'd have to adopt Chris as well lol.

scribbit said...

I am a big Simpsons fan myself. How fun.

Sanni said...

Pleasure was on MY side =)
Happy TT, sweetie.

P.S.: Hab Deine emails bekommen, endlich. An der Lesebestätigung hast Du ja gesehen, dass noch welche aus November dabei waren *grrrr* Serverprobleme beo all-inkl *GRRRRR*

Nadiah Alwi said...

I want a new laptop...I really do!


Well, glad that at least a dear friend of mine gets one ;D

All I need to do is waiting for my turn to come ;D

Dragonheart said...

Great Christmas and birthday presents! Enjoy. :)