Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Tuesday Twosome

Short-term Memory:
List the last two....

  1. Movies you watched:
    I haven't been to cinema for ages but I will name the last two movies we saw on telly.
    + Calender Girls
    + Tomb Raider

  2. TV shows you saw:
    + According to Jim

  3. Items you purchased:
    + Caffe Latte @ Starbucks yesterday
    + Pain reliever (still suffering on flu)

  4. Beverages you drank:
    + Coke light lemon
    + Tea

  5. Internet sites you surfed (before coming here):
    +Weight Watchers
    + ebay


Bond said...

get better soon dear.. sorry i have been absent..work has been a killa...

Tammy said...

Loved your meme's...I hope you don't have to take much more pain reliever and get over that nasty flu soon!!