Saturday, 17 March 2007


Welcome to this week's Photo Hunt.

Today's theme is "DRINK".
So, what should I post then?
Again a picture of my new espresso-machine? No.
A bottle of water? No.
A Beer? No.
A cocktail glass? No.
Mr. C while drinking a beer? NO! (That's what he said!!! *g*)

Damn. I've got no Idea. Or, hey wait I think I'll have it somewhere.... Just a moment please....

Yeah!!! I found it! A picture of me holding a "small" bottle of wine. It was a birthday present (and the reason for a bad hangover next day). But yummy. So here you are:

Sonny holding a bottle of Wine shortly before she'll DRINK it!

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you liked it.
If so, please leave a comment.I'll stop by your blog to say thank you.

Have a wonderful weekend,


Cats ~ Goats ~ Quotes said...

Cool *small* bottle of wine :)
Nice Photo!

TNChick said...

(take it as a compliment) but you don't hardly look old enough to drink that! hehe

srp said...

Those husbands can be so cranky and uncooperative at times can't they. And exactly what is your definition of "small bottle"? (wink and grin) Have a great weekend.

meeyauw said...

That's a really, really tall bottle of wine. Pretty unusual! Hope it was good!

jean said...

You have a wonderful smile.

Hangover - yuk.

But a good photo - and I love your photoframe.

Wishing you happy days ahead

Carey said...

great photo. I like the border you put around it as well. What program are you using to do that?
So how was that wine? Did you finish the whole bottle?

LoveMyStarr said...

I love the graphics!!! Good shot!

Dragonheart said...

Lovely photo. :) That's quite the tall bottle of wine! :) Nice choice for the theme.

Jen said...

really nice photo :)

Linda said...

That is one big bottle of wine! I hope you had some friends share it with you and that they toasted your birthday!

Bond said...

Trying to catch up on my blog reading...Nice picture of you.... nice "little" bottle of wine!

Loved your feast....

hope all is well with you Sonny...

Teena said...

You're drinking it without me?! What kind of pal are you?!

Mine's up :)

Imma ( Alice) said...

Well that is definitely a good looking drink! LOL. Good choice for todays theme.

You are invited to check out my blog and Photo Hunters post.

Sweet Kitty said...

@TNChick: I know I look much younger than I am. But that bottle was a present for my 28th birthday. Is that old enough to drink that bottle??? hehe... ;)

@srp Sometimes, only sometimes. Normally he's quite cooperative ;-)
And you can see my definition of "small" in the picture... LOL

@meeyauw: It was a 1,5 litre-bottle of white wine. Actually we had two of them. Mr.C got one for his birthday (3 days after mine) as well. *CHEERS* ;-)

@jean: Thanks for the compliment bout my smile. *blush*
Oh yeah, the hangover was bad. But the wine was great.

@Carey: I'm using different programms for scrapbooking. For this one I chose Photomix.
Yes, I finished the whole bottle... (but Mr.C helped me with that)

@Linda: I didn't share the bottle with my friends. They got lots cocktails and beer at the party. Mr.C and I enjoyed the bottle on Christmas (my birthday was on 23rd of December) all alone!!! ;-)

@Bond: I know what ya mean. I'm always trying to catch up on my blog reading... (but never get).
Don't worry, Vinny. I'm fine. More or less...

@Teena: I'm so sorry! Here you are: A bottle of wine just for you... ;-)

@ALL: Thanks so much for your comments!!!

amy said...

youve been tagged