Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Tag Part Three - Music

I know you've been waiting long time for this third part. I'm very sorry but I didn't have time to fill in. Too much work to do.
But now I use my lesson to practise some english. ;-)
Please forgive if I do any mistakes especially if I mix tenses, but my brain is a mass at the moment.... (Some people will say not just at the moment but I just ignore them... *g*)

Ok, turn on the music:

Music is a great thing.
"Music was my first love, music is my last, music of the future, the music of the past..."
I definitely can't live without music. Since I was a
little child, I had music in my live. At the age of 3 I started music lessons in melodica and on my 6th birthday I got an accordeon. I played accordeon for many many years. When I grew older I didn't have the time - well to be honest, I didn't want to spend my whole time practising accordeon - so I don't play it regulary anymore. But I still play sometimes. Not very often. But I do. Sometimes.

I won't miss music in my life. Never.

Ok, let's start:

Music Memories

1.)The first CD you ever bought:
Uh! Facing the fact that I'm part of the "older generation" yet ;-) it wasn't a CD but a record (Schallplatte, do you remember *g*?). The first record I got from my beloved daddy was:
"Looking for freedom" by David Hasselhoff (no I don't really feel ashamed for that...*g*)

2.)A song that keeps you in a good temper:

Only one? There are dozens!

It depends on my current temper. But Robbie's "Sin" is nearly always predestinated to keep me in good temper. I also like "Say a little prayer" sung by The Boss Hoss. I can't keep my feet still hearing this song...
And No1 song to make me smile again is for sure "The Bare Necessities" from Djungle Book

3.)A song that made you cry:
"Nan's Song" by Robbie and "In Gedanken" by PUR
they make me cry because they make me think of my mummy.

4.)A song you´d trust to sing on a karaokee show:
Well, I don't really know, whether I would really dare to sing on a karaokee show.
However, if I have to, I think I would choose "Take on me" by AHA

5.)An album you´d like to take to a desert island:
Sorry, I can't decide to take a special album. I need to take dozens!!!

6.)Your favored music genre:
It's easier to tell what I don't like:
Bavarian Folk Music
Military Marches

7.)Your most popular musician:
There are more than one. But if I have to name just one:
Robbie Williams

8.)The last song you listened to:
Take on me - AHA (I love you Mr C.!)

9.)The last CD you bought:
Uh, I even can't remember the last time I bought a CD!!!
But the last CD I got was "What we did last summer" by Robbie Williams

10.)Your favourite songs of all time (up to 15):
Take on me - AHA
The Bare Necessities - Djungle Book
Music - John Miles
Feel - Robbie Williams
Angels - Robbie Williams
Sin - Robbie Williams
It's my life - Bon Jovi

Bed of Roses - Bon Jovi
Always - Bon Jovi
Janie don't take your love to town - Jon Bon Jovi
Drops of Jupiter - Train
Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis
... and lots more!!!!

That's all folks.

If you can't get enough of music enjoy this video. Listen to the lyrics - and all has been said....

With love,

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